Thursday, November 15, 2018

O CANADA! Part 5

August 2018: Last Day, Goodbyes and the Trek Home

Our trip to Canada was magical. We had beautiful weather, great times and made some awesome memories at Grandmom and Grandpop's house! For anyone who has never been to Canada, it is a BEAUTIFUL country! Nova Scotia has thousands of lakes and the whole interior is a national park. Its the perfect place to take a family vacation! Especially for these Southerners- we left behind 100+ degree weather for 70s! MAGIC!! Can't wait to start planning our next trip back!

The original settlement in Granville Ferry

On the way home, one of the pilots was super cool and let the girls sit in the front of the plane. He even let them press buttons and levers. They thought they were legit pilots!

Headed home!!

 Spent the night by the airport in a Holiday Inn before our flight out! The girls loved swimming in the pool and ordering room service!

I love seeing Annmarie and Bill... but the good byes get HARDER and HARDER everytime! Wish we all lived closer together! I truly have the best inlaws!

I cried, the girls cried, Annmarie cried... we can't wait until October when we are reunited with Grandmom!!

These girls were the best travelers! Can't wait for our next adventure!!

O CANADA! Part 4

August 2018: Other Adventures...

Small hike to Lambs Lake was beautiful, AnnMarie and Bill said the last time they were here it was covered in 2 feet of snow!

Learning about Acadian history!

Lambs Lake! This was a secluded little beach for swimming! The girls loved it and easily could have stayed all day!

Dinner out with my inlaws! What a beautiful night!

One of Katy Ellis favorite things of the whole trip was Grandmom's kitty- Boots! She loved petting and loving on him!!

Lucket's Vineyard

Blakely even got to go to the Graveyard tour! She hung in there for 1/2 the tour, but then had to go home because she was sleepy. 

Lucket's! Cheers! Such a beautiful setting for a vineyard! 

Acadian Museum and Gardens

One of the coolest parts about our lunch at the vineyard was the phone box! Free calls to anywhere in Canada and US! We called EVERYONE!! Such a fun surprise!