Sunday, January 29, 2017

Disney World: Part V

January 2017:

This year something REALLY cool happened while we were planning our trip!! Sarah Monk and I discovered that we were all going to be there at the SAME TIME!! So we knew we needed to find a day that we could all be there together!! Can't believe we got to have our first cousin Disney meet up!! Next time, we need to plan a trip ALLLLLL TOGETHER!!

Ready for Magic Kingdom!!

I love this beautiful princess!!

My littlest princess in her happy place: The Prince Charming Carousel!!

Cousin Meet Up!!

Cousins by the Castle

This just MELTED my heart!! Katy Ellis and Brantley holding hands on the way to Dumbo!!

Katy Ellis did NOT like Dumbo at all! Loved the Big Top circus... but not a fan of the the flying elephant!!

This was a BIG change for this vacation... Blakely LOVES roller coasters!! She literally rode the Barnstormer 10-12x and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train 6x!! It was her favorite!!!

One of my favorite things about coming to the parks every day is you don't have to rush! You see something cool.. you go with it!! This muppet retelling of the founding of our country was hysterical! Blakely in particular loved it! Glad we didn't miss it!

My Brave Roller Coaster Rider!!! Mine Train riding!!

On her final ride on the Mine Train, she took Snow White so she could "see her house!"

Free Ice Cream anyone!!

This trip was to celebrate the girls birthdays! They wore their pins everyday, and EVERY WHERE we went people kept giving us free stuff! It was so cool! I think Ice Cream tastes better when its free, don't you?

Final Ride!! This tired crew is headed home!!

If we would have let her, KE would STILLLLLLLL be riding the Carousel! Obsessed!!

Magical trip with my favorite girls!!

Who loves Dumbo? This girl does!!

I love how enraptured KE's little face is!! She loves Elena!! 

Terrible... squinting into the sun... but ya cant leave without a Castle shot!!

First time girls were brave enough to ride Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean ride!! They loved both!!

Vacations not over yet!! We decided to make this the YEAR of Disney!! We bought Annual Passes!! YEAH!!


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Disney World: Part IV

January 2017: Epcot Nights!!

On our first trip to Disney with the girls, we didn't even come to Epcot. It just didn't seem fun, and as a kid I just remembered being SUPER HOT there without any shade in sight! That was a bad move.

Epcot is now our FAVORITE park!! We love coming to Epcot in the evenings... so much so that we came EVERY night!! We love walking the Circle of Nations, trying new ethnic restaurants, finding hidden princess and seeing all the twinkly lights on the lake! It is just magical!!

This trip we ate at: 9 Dragons, San Angel Inn, Akershus, Spice Road Table and Restaurant Merrakesh. Each was amazing! But San Angel Inn was probably our favorite! You get to eat Gourmet Mexican food, sip creative Margarita-concoctions, ride a boat ride with Donald and the 3 Caballeros all at the feet of a Mayan temple and "active" volcano! Just such a memorable night!!

After dinner, we would walk around and find some new dessert to try! This was far and away our FAVORITE!!! Its Baklava Chocolate Nut Roll! So so so so good!!

Blakely just LOVED the Space Ship Earth ride... we literally rode it EVERY night!!

Hidden back in Norway... we found Elsa and Anna!!

Watch your hands Blakely!!

These pics from Space Ship Earth always crack me up!! We rode this and The 3 Caballeros ride in Mexico EVERY night... sometimes more than once!!

On the night of our dinner at Akershus, we always play Bibbity-Bobbity-Boutique!! Neither of my girls can sit still, and they HATE having their hair done... so better to do it myself for now!

This girl was so excited to go to the Royal Banquet dressed as Tiana!!

KE and Aurora are twinning!!!

Princess prizes for our two little Princesses!! They even got to ride the new Frozen Ever After ride with their new Elsas!!!

Blakely loved getting to spend her Birthday in Disney World!! They really treated her like a Princess!!